Why bother to go on a ski day trip from Belgrade, especially if you are not a skier?

Let’s say it’s winter, and you came to Belgrade for a few days. After a day or two, you saw enough of the exciting places in Belgrade. But heavy traffic and the lousy weather discouring you from exploring more of this city. Traveling is a privilege and should be an adventure. Don’t waste your time. Make your trip exciting, no matter if it is a little different than you planned.


Serbia is a beautiful country, and there are a lot of exciting places to see. Because it is a small country, nothing is too far away from Belgrade. But winter is not an ideal time for exploring nature and scenic sights. Well, what other solution do you have to make wonderful memory from your visiting Serbia?

A skiing day trip from Belgrade to one of the ski resorts in Serbia is the correct answer.

If you need to learn how to ski, even better! Serbian ski resorts are among the cheapest in Europe. Also, ski lessons are affordable. A ski day trip from Belgrade may be your best chance to try skiing.

Maybe you didn’t plan to ski in Serbia, but no worries. Organizing your ski trip from Belgrade is easy, even for just one day. In this post, you’ll get information about ski resorts, ski schools, and where to rent ski equipment.

Belgrade Airport Taxi is a t your service for your round-trip from Belgrade. Enjoy a comfy car ride to any of these skiing destinations. With a few other valuable tips you’ll read, you can easily plan and organize a skiing day trip.

Don’t expect that you’ll become a skier after only a few lessons. But certainly, you’ll have fun with your family, take many great photos, and see the beauty of Serbia from another perspective.

We’ll introduce you to three ski resorts most suitable for a ski day trip from Belgrade:


The 3 ski resorts nearest to Belgrade:


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Divčibare ski resort – the nearest to Belgrade

It’s the far smallest ski resort among the three mountains we will mention. It’s not suitable for a long winter vacation for serious skiers. But this is a post about round-trips from Belgrade with the skiing and return the same day. Divčibare is perfect for this skiing excursion without a sleepover at this mountain.

You can get to Divcibare from Belgrade in less than two hours. This 1100-meter-high mountain has two ski slopes. Ski slope Crni Vrh (Black Peak) is 850 meters long. It is suitable for intermediate and experienced skiers. The ski slope “Center” is only 600 meters long but perfect for learning and beginners.

You’ll have a great panoramic view from the top of both ski slopes. A ski pass at Divcibare is cheap, but it’s separate for both ski slopes. It’s less than 10€, although if you have ski lessons, you don’t have to pay for a ski pass.

Divcibare is a little mountain resort, although you can choose a decent place to take a break from skiing.

At the bottom of the Black Peak (Crni Vrh)  ski slope is a cabin-style ski bar called “DivčiBar”.  The food there is tasty, and you’ll enjoy the view. But it can be too crowded on weekends.

Pepa Restaurant is the closest restaurant if you decide to ski at the ski slope Center. Also, there are a few good fast foods nearby.

Divcibare is very cheap compared to Zlatibor and especially to Kopaonik. But that doesn’t mean it lacks good hotels. You may prefer fancy restaurants, spas, and swimming pools. In this case, there are two luxurious hotels. Crni Vrh and Royal Mountain Hotel are suitable for your rest from skiing. If you wish to sleep over at Divcibare, every budget has a choice. From cheap private apartments to these two 4-star hotels.

Pro tip: To make your trip more complete, you can visit the charming town of Valjevo on your tour.


Divcibare cons and pros:

  • ➕ Proximity to Belgrade.
  • ➕ Cheaper price of ski lessons, ski pass, ski rent, and other personal expenses.
  • Only two ski slopes.
  • Lower altitude (less snow).

Divčibare useful information:

  • Distance from Belgrade: 127 km, 1:50h
  • 2 ski slopes (red 850m, blue 600m)
  • Altitude 1104 m
  • A nearby place to visit: Valjevo Town


Divčibare useful links:



Zlatibor is a “golden middle” for your round-trip from Belgrade in a day. This popular mountain resort in Serbia is better for skiing and other activities than Divcibare. It is a higher mountain with better snow but further away. Compared with the best Serbian resort – Kopaonik, it is easier and faster to get from Belgrade to Zlatibor.

Many polygons and ski slopes are within walking distance of the center of Zlatibor. Those ski slopes are reserved for ski school attendants and complete beginners.

You’ll have to go to the Tornik Ski Center for more advanced skiing. Tornik is a few kilometers away from the center of Zlatibor and has four ski slopes. Tornik has around 7 kilometers of ski slopes in total. The price of a ski pass at Tornik is also something between Divcibare and Kopaonik.

Zlatibor has one key advantage compared to the other two mountains. It is the best choice for other activities, especially if you have children. And tourist center of this mountain is full of life regardless of the season. 

Zlatibor cons and pros:

  • ➕ Good choice of ski slopes for learning how to ski.
  • ➕ A lot of possibilities for other activities.
  • ➕ Great for children.
  • ➕ Huge mountain resort with many hotels, bars, restaurants, and an attractive open market.

  • It is a higher mountain than Divcibare but lower than Kopaonik
  • Ski pass and other expenses are something between Kopaonik and Divcibare
  • It takes more time to get there than to Divcibare but less time than it takes for a transfer to Kopaonik.

  • Traffic from Belgrade can be very busy.


Zlatibor useful information:

  • Distance from Belgrade: 225 km, 2:30h 3:30, depending on traffic
  • 4 ski slopes, 7 kilometers in total.
  • A few polygons for learning
  • Altitude: Tourist center – 1000 m, Tornik Peak – 1496 m
  • Nearby places to consider visiting: Center of Zlatibor, Adventure Park, Dino Park, El Paso city, Gostilje Waterfalls, Open Air Museum Sirogojno, Stopića Cave, Uzice Fortress, Ovcar Banja


Zlatibor useful links:


Kopaonik – the best ski resort in Serbia

Kopaonik ski resort is among the top 3 ski resorts in Balkans and the best in Serbia. But Divčibare and Zlatibor (Tornik) are better for a day trip from Belgrade. That’s because Kopaonik is further away from Belgrade and way more expensive. With a great skiing infrastructure and snow conditions, it is excellent for skiing.  But we advise you to go there for at least two days.

There are a few reasons why you may prefer Kopaonik even if you do not have more time than one day. If you are an experienced skier, Divcibare and Zlatibor may not meet your needs for good skiing as Kopaonik. And maybe there is not enough snow in the mountains at lower altitudes such as Zlatibor and Divcibare. Anyway, if you hire a professional driver for your trip, you don’t have to worry that you’ll be too tiered to drive back the same day.


Kopaonik cons and pros:

  • ➕ The best choice of ski slopes for all levels.
  • ➕ High mountain with a lot of snow for the whole winter and a good part of spring

  • Far away from Belgrade.
  • The road on the way up to the mountain has a lot of u-turns, and it is usually covered with snow and ice


Kopaonik useful information:

  • Distance from Belgrade: 270 km, 3:45, depending on traffic
  • 36 ski slopes, 62 kilometers in total.
  • A few polygons for learning
  • Altitude: Tourist center – 1750 m, Pancic Peak – 2017 m


Kopaonik useful links:

We hope we have helped you decide which mountain in Serbia is the most suitable for your day trip from Belgrade in winter. And we hope we encourage you to try skiing too if you are not a skier. In any case, you can contact Belgrade Airport Taxi if you need a one-way transfer or a return-trip to any of these ski resorts in Serbia.


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