What to see and do at Mount Avala – is Avala worth of visit from Belgrade?

With its 518 meters above sea level, Avala is the lowest mountain in Serbia, and the mountain in the immediate vicinity of Belgrade. This green oasis of volcanic origin is only half an hour away from the city center and, thanks to several attractions, is worth a day trip from Belgrade.

Avala offers a harmonious blend of lush forests and beautifully landscaped areas, creating an inviting environment for visitors. While numerous forest trails cater to walkers and casual hikers, the majority of tourists flock to Avala to explore its two main attractions: the Avala Tower and the Monument to the Unknown Hero.

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Keep reading if you wish to plan a perfect private tour from Belgrade city center to Avala Mountain.

How to get from Belgrade city center to Avala?

Getting to Avala is convenient and hassle-free. Public bus lines 401, 405, 407, and 408 will take you to the foothills, while bus line 400 will transport you directly to the summit.

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Unknown hero Monument at Avala

Monument to the Unknown Hero (and the park around it)

The Monument to the Unknown Hero, a solemn mausoleum and burial site for Serbian soldiers who perished in the wars between 1912 and 1918, is another captivating sight within Avala.

Conceived by Aleksandar Karađorđević, the king of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, and later the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, this monument stands as a testament to the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought for Serbia’s freedom.

Regrettably, the monument was erected upon the remnants of the historically significant Serbian medieval fortress of Žrnov, which led to the erasure of an essential part of Serbian history—an action that many attribute to the former king.

Nonetheless, the monument and its surrounding park continue to receive visits from state delegations and presidents, honoring the fallen heroes. The park offers serene ambiance and picturesque viewpoints, providing solace and contemplation.

View from The Avala Tower

Avala Tower

The Avala Tower, standing proudly at an impressive height of 204 meters, reigns as the premier attraction of Mount Avala. It is the tallest tower on the entire Balkan Peninsula.

Its prominent stature grants it visibility from nearly every corner of Belgrade, firmly establishing it as a symbol of the city.

Originally constructed in 1965 for television and radio broadcasting purposes. The Avala Tower, unfortunately, fell victim to the NATO bombing of Belgrade in 1999. Nevertheless, the Avala Tower was meticulously restored in 2010. Since then, it has become a must-visit tourist destination.

Visitors can ascend to the panoramic viewpoint and enjoy a cup of coffee at the tower’s pinnacle, indulging in breathtaking vistas. Tickets for this awe-inspiring experience are available at an affordable price of 300 dinars.

Carapicev Brest - Restaurant at Mount  Avala

Restaurant and picnic area Čarapićev Brest

Adjacent to the mountain, on the opposite side from which you arrived, lies the Čarapićev Brest picnic area.

It serves as an ideal starting point for various forest paths, some of which lead to the summit of Avala. The lush greenery and recreational facilities, including sports fields and picnic benches, offer an opportunity to bask in the splendor of nature.

This locale derives its name from Vasa Čarapić, a Serbian hero who fought valiantly against the Ottoman Empire. It was here that he sought refuge and gathered his guerilla warriors, known as “hajduks.”

To complete your Avala adventure, be sure not to miss the Čarapićev Brest restaurant, conveniently situated in the same vicinity. The establishment boasts a delightful specialty known as Veseli Šumadinac (Joyful Sumadian), although the menu also features a wide selection of traditional dishes that are equally enticing.

For whom is a trip to Avala perfect?

Avala is an ideal destination for those seeking a brief yet enriching trip immersed in nature.

Avala is a splendid choice if you prefer to remain close to Belgrade without venturing far to witness Serbia’s awe-inspiring natural beauty.

A round trip typically takes only 2-3 hours, leaving ample time to explore other attractions in Belgrade and its surroundings in a day.

What to see near Avala?

While there are no nearby recommendations for extending your day trip to Avala, several enticing destinations lie within a 100-kilometer radius. These include Mount Kosmaj, the archaeological site of Vinča, Smederevo Fortress, Oplenac and Topola, and more. Additionally, you can combine your Avala excursion with a day trip to the magnificent Golubac Fortress.

By renting a vehicle with a skilled driver, you can effortlessly tailor your private tour to your preferences, relying on the expertise and recommendations of a seasoned professional from Belgrade Airport Taxi.

Embark on a memorable journey to Avala and experience the captivating blend of nature, history, and panoramic vistas that this place of interest offers.


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