Welcome to Serbia! Belgrade Airport Taxi team has written a blog post in which you will find out the best places you could visit on a day trip from Belgrade.

Most tourists in Serbia visit only the capital Belgrade. However, Serbia is a small country, and you can reach any part in a few hours by car, train, or bus. That is why there is no reason to limit your trip only to Belgrade. The greatest natural beauties of Serbia and many other attractions are located in other parts of our beautiful country. Take the opportunity and experience Serbia.


Why is this the most complete and objective post you will read on the topic “what to see in Serbia”?

Most travel blogs are written by foreign bloggers based on their personal experience, which is conditioned by the time they had to research, the season, and the recommendations of other people. And the motive for writing posts is most often various forms of advertising such as affiliate marketing, paid recommendations of certain places, and similar. Often, bloggers are not tourists, and their writing is reduced to copying other posts instead of conveying a personal experience of traveling around Serbia. Their only goal is a lot of visitors to their websites packed with a lot of ads which make revenue for them.

Unlike them, this post was written by members of our team who have had the opportunity to visit these places many times and to hear the impressions and see the reactions of foreign tourists who visit them.

As good hosts, our motive for writing this text is to recommend to you the places you should visit in Serbia, as we often advise users of our airport services in Belgrade.

We have made an effort to mark all your places on google maps so that you can easily find your way around Belgrade and easily reach them if you decide to visit them.

Instead of long descriptions and stories about places that you will easily find on the Internet, we have put practical information and links to relevant sites where you can find more information.

At the end of the post, we wrote which places you should not go on a day trip from Belgrade and if they are recommended on many blogs as good destinations.

Novi Sad, Petrovaradin and Sremski Karlovci

Novi Sad

Novi Sad is the second-largest city in Serbia, but it is distinguished from Belgrade by its different architecture and special charm. Throughout history, the power of various world powers has changed in the territory of today’s Serbia. While Belgrade was under the influence of the Ottoman Empire for centuries, Novi Sad was under the influence of the Habsburg Monarchy and the Austro-Hungarian Kingdom.

That is why you may be interested in the difference between Belgrade and Novi Sad caused by these totally different influences. In any case, Novi Sad is a beautiful European town, a true monument of culture and history. At the same time, it is very close to Belgrade. You can get there very quickly by train, which travels only 30 minutes on the high-speed railway built in 2022.

Plan to spend about 2 hours in the center of Novi Sad. Walk through the main pedestrian street and through the charming little streets that are also in the pedestrian zone and where you will not resist sitting in one of the pubs. We recommend that you enjoy a view of the beautiful Cathedral of the Church of the Name of Mary with coffee on Freedom Square. Unlike Belgrade, you may notice a slower pace of a smaller city and the smiling faces of Novi Sad residents, which will also contribute to your good mood.

As a starting point for sightseeing, the best intersection is Modena and Ilija Ognjanovića streets, since it is located next to the pedestrian zone, close to the cathedral, so you will hardly get lost because the cathedral is visible from almost the entire city. And right next door is a taxi station.

Belgrade – Novi Sad Transfer


Petrovaradin Fortress

You must not end your visit to Novi Sad just by visiting the city center. You can take a walk, but we still recommend a short taxi ride or a couple of bus stops to the Petrovaradin Fortress on the other bank of the Danube. A tour of the fortress will not take you much time and be sure to take some fantastic photos from this remarkable location that was once strategically the most important point of defense of the whole of Europe from the Ottoman invasion.


Sremski Karlovci

From Belgrade to Novi Sad or vice versa, you can avoid the highway and go the old way, enjoying the view of the slopes of Fruška Gora and stopping by the small wine town of Sremski Karlovci. A small town with a rich history and famous for its good wines is interesting to see and should not be missed on your day trip to Novi Sad. Be sure to try the famous Bermet wine.


Kovilj and Krušedol Monasteries

You can complete your trip to Novi Sad by visiting one of the medieval monasteries. The monasteries of Kovilj and Krusedol do not require a big detour and are beautiful places to see. In this way, you will kill the monotony of driving on the Vojvodina plain.


What to do in Novi Sad?

  • Visit the entire pedestrian zone, including side streets
  • . Relax in one of the many cafes, pubs, pastry shops or restaurants
  • Make a circle around the Petrovaradin FortressFrom Belgrade to Novi Sad
    From the center of Belgrade 100 km (1h 30min drive), from the airport Belgrade 80 km (1h drive)


How to get from Belgrade to Novi Sad?

  • By train from the railway station (30min drive)
  • By bus
  • taxi Belgrade – Novi Sad (it is possible to arrange a return)


What else can you add to a day trip to Novi Sad?

  • Fruška Gora National Park (30km, 35min from Novi Sad)
  • Subotica an Palic (105km, 1h 10 min from Novi Sad)
  • Fantast Castle in Bečej on the way to Subotica (80km, 1h 10min from Novi Sad)

Fruska Gora

Let’s get to know each other now, Fruška Gora is on this list exclusively because of its proximity to Belgrade and Novi Sad. And if you read on many blogs read great things about this area, the truth is that it usually does not impress tourists as they expected from one national park.

We know from experience that you will like Fruška Gora in 4 cases:

  • If you come from a country where there is not much greenery
  • If you are an Orthodox believer who wants to visit many old churches and monasteries 
  • If you want a wine tour near Belgrade or Novi Sad
  • If you wish to relax in the spa center surrounded by the forests of Fruška Gora

In general, tourists expect exceptional natural beauty from the National Park. However, for something like that, you will have to travel to more remote parts of Serbia.

Certainly, Fruška Gora is an idyllic combination of greenery, hills, vineyards, and in addition, numerous Orthodox monasteries of exceptional religious and historical significance for the Serbian people. If you do not have time or do not want to travel far from Belgrade, Fruška Gora National Park is a good choice for your trip and you can easily combine it with a trip to Novi Sad.


What to do on Fruška Gora?

  • Enjoy driving through villages and forests with a view of many vineyards
  • Wine Tour (We recommend Deurić and Kovačević wineries)
  • Visit monasteries dating from the 13th century
  • You can relax at the swimming pools and spas in one of the luxury hotels in Vrdnička Banja (Fruške Terme, Premier Aqua, Ethno complex Vrdnička Kula) 

From Fruška Gora from Belgrade:

  • From the center of Belgrade 80 km (1h 15min drive), from Belgrade airport 60 km (45min drive)


How to get from Belgrade to Fruška Gora

  • By bus to Vrdnik and take a taxi
  • Rent a Car
  • Book a private transfer with a tour of Fruška Gora and return to Belgrade


What else can you add to a day trip to Fruška Gora?

  • Novi Sad (30km, 35min from Fruška Gora)
  • Sremski Karlovci (15km, 20min from Fruška Gora)

Best hotels with spas at Fruska Gora

  • Premier Aqua
  • Vrdnicka Kula
  • Fruske Terme

Tara National Park

From the Vojvodina plain of northern Serbia, where the above-mentioned Novi Sad and Fruška Gora are located, we are moving to somewhere completely different. We take you to the mountains and the fantastic nature of southwestern Serbia. Tara National Park is far from Belgrade, but you can still see a lot in a day trip, and it is definitely worth the trip. Unfortunately, if you only travel for one day, forget the bus or train transportation options. Rent a car, organized excursion, or a private tour are your only options.


Be sure to consider the possibility of spending a few days exploring western Serbia and combining trips to Tara, Mokra Gora, Zlatibor, and Uvac in that variant. Like Mokra Gora, Tara is a good stop point if you travel from Belgrade to Visegrad and Sarajevo, frequent destinations for many tourists traveling in the Balkans.


Trip from Belgrade to Tara

The drive from Belgrade to Tara and Mokra Gora is an exciting journey along winding roads where the contrasts of Serbian villages, mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes will change. After an hour and a half of driving, you can take a coffee break and walk through the pedestrian zone of the charming town of Valjevo, after which starts part of the road with more beautiful landscapes, considering that the trip from Belgrade to Valjevo was mostly a high-way ride.

Gate of Podrinje - Image by Belgrade Airport Taxi

Gate of Podrinje Viewpoint, Drina River House, Vrelo

Before you reach Tara (or Mokra Gora), stop at the viewpoint of the Podrinje Gate, and at the House on the Drina. Before ascending the mountain Tara, be sure to stop at the restaurant Vrelo in Perućac, unique in that it is located on a wooden platform built on a small river and a waterfall that it makes at its confluence with the Drina River, which separates Serbia from Bosnia.

You can also walk from the restaurant to the source of a small river called “Year River” because it is exactly 365 meters long. The river originates from a waterfall and ends as a waterfall, so there is certainly no lack of natural beauty even if you have not yet reached your destination.

Banjsak Stena

Banjska Stena Viewpoint

While driving along the mountain, you will have several opportunities to stop due to the beautiful view from the height of the Drina River, the Hydroelectric Power Plant, and the Perućac Lake. You will not have many reasons to stop at the tourist center of the national park unless you need a shop, do not want to buy a souvenir, or want to get tourist information in the info center. Then, along the unpaved road through the rainforest, you’ll travel to the biggest attraction on Tara – the viewpoint Banjska Stena. The road was intentionally left unpaved and narrow in order to limit the number of tourists. Luckily, Banjska Stana is not easily accessible, and there are not too many tourists who would disrupt the ecosystem of the Tara National Park – the largest bear habitat in Serbia.

From the place where you parked the car, you have to walk about 20 minutes to the viewpoint through the untouched forest, through which you will be accompanied by a symphony created by the chirping of birds. Don’t be intimidated by signs of bear danger. If you are noisy enough not to surprise them, the chances of meeting them are minimal since they are very timid and cautious.


When you finally arrive at probably the most beautiful lookout point in Serbia, you will certainly forget about bears and the fatigue of traveling and walking. The Banjska Stena lookout is really impressive. You will be left breathless by the scene that is presented to you and you will understand that Serbia is still a special country of unique beauty that you did not expect.


Zaovine Lake and Spajići Lake

Before or after Banjska Stena, stop by Lake Zaovine. The lake is an artificial accumulation, but you will certainly be delighted by the landscape of the blue lake surrounded by mountains. in the middle of the dam of this lake, a few tens of meters separates you from another lookout point with a great view of the small lake Spajići.


What to do in Tara National Park?

Tara National Park is full of attractions and it is not possible to see everything in one day. But if you miss one of the above interesting places or still stay for several days on Tara, you can also visit the medieval monastery of Raca. There are also many activities at your disposal, such as kayaking on the Drina River, off-road tours, hiking trails, and mountain biking. And you can use the whole day for a cruise on Lake Perućac and a tour of Visegrad in Bosnia.


What to see on Tara?

  • Drina
  • Podrinje
  • Gate
  • and
  • Valjevo
  • House

How to get from Belgrade to Tara

  • Rent a car
  • Private transfer with a tour of the place of your choice and return to Belgrade
  • Do not go by bus or train to Tara if you plan to return the same day


What else can you add to a multi-day trip to Tara?

    • Zlatibor (43km, 50min from Tara)
    • Mokra Gora and Sharganska Osmica (18km, 30min from Tara)

Mokra Gora and Šarganska Osmica (Shargan Eight Railway)

A day trip from Belgrade to Mokra Gora near Tara is more popular than the tour to Tara we wrote about. This popularity is due to the round trip by tourist train on the Sarganska Osmica (Shargan Eight) railway. The railway largely passes through the Tara National Park, so for a reason, many tour agencies offer this tour as a trip to Tara. Keep in mind that everything here is a bit “touristy” than visiting the attractions on Tara that we mentioned in the previous section and which are harder to reach.

Of course, this is also a very interesting tour. A two-hour train ride through beautiful landscapes and breaks at many viewpoints will be a great experience and a way to see Tara without getting tired.

Considering that the road from Belgrade to Mokra Gora and Tara is the same, you can visit Valjevo, stop at the Podrinje Gate, and the House on the Drina on this tour as well.


Drvengrad (Wooden Town) at Mećavnik

In addition to driving, the attraction is Drvengrad on Mećavnik, an ethno complex near the train station itself, where the ride ends. not far away is the Church of St. John and the promenade along the mountain river, which is also worth a visit.


What to see at  Mokra Gora?

  • On the way from Belgrade, you can visit Valjevo, Gate of Podrinje, and the House on Rock at Drina River
  • 2-hour train ride through Tara national Park
  • Drvengrad at Mećavnik
  • St. John Church

from Belgrade to Mokra Gora – distance:

  • Around 200 km (3h of driving)


How to get from Belgrade to Mokra Gora

  • Rent a car
  • Book a private round-trip from Belgrade by car


What else can you add to a multi-day trip to Mokra Gora?

  • Zlatibor (40km, 38min from Mokra Gora)
  • Tara (18km, 30min from Mokra Gora)


We come to another pearl of Western Serbia. Zlatibor Mountain is the most popular tourist resort in Serbia. Due to the excellent infrastructure and a lot of options for activities, Zlatibor is a suitable resort for a multi-day vacation. Due to the proximity of Uvac, Tara, and Mokra Gora, it is a perfect base for several days of exploration of western Serbia. When traveling from Belgrade, it is halfway to the Montenegrin coast, so if you are traveling to Montenegro, do not miss to visit Zlatibor at least for a short time.

However, even on your daily trip from Belgrade to Zlatibor, you will have enough time to get to know this tourist center even if you return to Belgrade the same day. But if you want a day trip, you will have to decide between two options.

The first is to spend more time in the tourist center, ride in the world’s longest panoramic cable car, visit the Ribnica Lake and enjoy the view from Tornik – the highest peak of Zlatibor. From 2022, a panoramic wheel not far from the center will be in operation. Another option is to spend less time in the tourist center and instead of having a ride in a cable car, visit the other, more distant part of Zlatibor, where the Gostilje Waterfall, Stopića Pećina, and the Ethno Village Sirogojno are located.

The tourist center is actually a really small town on the mountain. It is ideal for tourists who like the gentle nature and mountain ambiance, but they are also too conformist to go to less well-arranged tourist places such as Tara and Uvac. There are many activities at your disposal. From walking through the nice pedestrian zone next to the lake to tasting local specialties, skiing, horseback riding, nature walks, bobsleigh rides, renting mtb, quads, and snowmobiles. But probably the biggest attraction is the ride on the newly built Gold Gondola, which is the largest panoramic cable car in the world. The starting point is close to the market on Zlatibor, and the 25-minute drive along a 4 and-a-half kilometer route in one direction that leads to the top of Tornik will end with a break on the beautiful Ribnica Lake. There are several cafes on Tornik with great views that extend in all directions.

On the way from Belgrade to Zlatibor, you can take a break in Ovčarsko Kablarska gorge. You can also climb to the top of Kablar by car, which offers an incredible view of the meanders of the West Morava. But reckon that it will take you a lot of time that you would spend on Zlatibor, and be ready for about 1 kilometer of walking with a slight uphill. You can visit the Potpeća Cave, but we do not recommend it if you are definitely going to visit the Stopić Cave. Two caves in one day is a lot if you are not a speleologist. In any case, Zlatibor is a great destination, but we would rather recommend it for a 2-3 day vacation than for a day trip.

    Zlatibor Serbia

    What to see on the way from Belgrade to  Zlatibor?

    • Ovcar-Kablar Gorgre, Medjuvrsje Lake, and viewpoint from Kablar on meanders of Western Morava
    • Potpeće Cave
    • Old Town Fortress in Uzice

    What to do and see in the area of Zlatibor?

    • Gold Gondola cable car, center of Zlatibor, Tornik Peak, Ribničko Jezero
    • Gostilje Waterfall, Ethno village Sirogojno, Stopića cave
    • Be sure to try the Užice’s komplet lepinja
    • Belgrade(about 2h 30min drive)


    How to get from Belgrade to Zlatibor

    • Rent a car
    • Private transfer with waiting and return to Belgrade
    • Train and bus only if you spend the night on Zlatibor


    What else can you add to a multi-day trip to Zlatibor?

    • Mokra Gora (40km, 38min from Zlatibor)
    • Tara (43km, 52min from Zlatibor)
    • Uvac (52km, 60min from Zlatibor)
    • Zlatibor is on a half a way to Montenegro


    Belgrade to Zlatibor Transfer


    The picture of the winding canyon of the lake and the river Uvac is one of the most recognizable pictures. Staying in the amazing nature of this area is definitely worth 3 and a half hours drive from Belgrade. It would be ideal to make at least a two-day trip that includes a trip to Zlatibor which is along the way but you can go to Uvac and come back to Belgrade the same day.

    Don’t be fooled into expecting that you will reach the most beautiful lookouts on Uvac by an easy walk or car. They are accessible only by off-road vehicles and by walk from coast accessible only with a boat.

    The best way to experience Uvac is to schedule a cruise that includes a visit to the Ice cave (there is actually no ice in it but that’s what it’s called) and the best viewpoint. But you have to be physically ready to walk about one kilometer uphill with a rather steep climb. The amazing view of the meanders of Uvac will be a well-deserved reward.

    The cruise with this real hiking and walking through the cave lasts a total of between 4 and 5 hours. On the way to Uvac, as well as to Zlatibor, you can take a coffee break in Ovčar Banja (Ovčarsko-Kablarska klisura), and on the way back you can even stop by Zlatibor, but count on the trip to take longer. From Uvac to Belgrade, instead of the main road through Zlatibor, you can also take the rural road through Ivanjica. That way, the journey will be a bit longer, but the landscapes that change are unrealistically beautiful.

    You will drive through really special places where time seems to stand still, and in all directions you will have views perfect for the background on your desktop computer.

    We recommend spending the night on Uvac only if you are a fan of untouched nature who does not need the comfort, supply and infrastructure you can expect on Zlatibor. For this you have at your disposal isolated private apartments, log cabins and camps nearby as there are no hotels nearby.

    Belgrade – Uvac Lake Private Tour or Transfer


    What to do on Uvac?

    • A trip that includes walking to the lookout point and a visit to the ice cave
    • Along the way you can take a break in Ovčar Banja or Zlatarsko Lake and see the small
    • Tavnicko Lake


    Belgrade to Uvac – distance

    • 282 km (about 3h 40min drive)


    How to get from Belgrade to Uvac

    • Rent a car
    • Private transfer with waiting and return to Belgrade


    What else can you add to a multi-day trip to Uvac?


    • Zlatibor (52km, 60min from Zlatibor)
    • Zlatarsko Lake
    • Radojinjsko Lake

    Golubac fortress and  the Iron Gate

    Tara, Uvac, Zaltibor… beautiful places but maybe too far for you to travel from Belgrade. It takes less than two hours to drive to the Golubac Fortress, which is located in eastern Serbia on the banks of the Danube, at the narrow entrance to the Djerdap Gorge called Iron Gate. The ride itself is more comfortable than driving to western Serbia since you do not travel on mountain roads.

    The fortress was reconstructed in 2016 and completely adapted for tourist visits. Since then, it has rightly been one of the most visited tourist attractions in Serbia. In addition to touring the fortress itself, there is also the option of cruising a small boat around the fortress itself for 40 minutes.

    On the way to Golubac, you can also visit Silver Lake, and if you deviate a little more from the main road, it is worth visiting the Roman archeological site Viminacium and the Ram Fortress.

    From the Golubac Fortress, you can drive about 30 minutes to one of the famous archeological sites Lepenski Vir, where the remains of the oldest organized settlement in Europe date back to 6500 BC. The ride through this part of the gorge itself is exciting, so you will enjoy the view from the car much more than on the way from Belgrade to Golubac.

    Not far from Lepenski Vir there is a complex Kapetan Mišin Breg, which is located on a hill with a fantastic view of the Danube.

    You can finish the round-trip from Belgrade to Golubac in less than 6 hours, but it can also be a trip lasting 12 hours, depending on the other places you visit and how long you stay in those places. It is a good idea to include a visit to the fortress in a two-day tour of the Djerdap National Park. Golubac is a good location for overnight stays because you have a large number of apartments with views of the Danube. And in Golubac there is also a river beach, so in the summer months, it is possible to swim in this part of the Danube.


    Belgrade to Golubac Fortress Private Tour or Transfer


    What to do in Golubac:

    • Sightseeing of the Fortress
    • Boat ride around the Fortress
    • Along the way you can visit Viminacium and Silver Lake
    • Continue to Lepenski Vir and Kapetan Mišin Breg

    Distance Golubac from Belgrade:

    • From the center of Belgrade 136 km (about 1h 55min drive)


    What else can you add to a multi-day trip to Golubac?

    Djerdap National Park

    Some of the attractions at the beginning of the largest national park in Serbia have already been mentioned. On your trip to the Golubac Fortress, you can visit also Lepenski Vir and Captain Mišin Breg. But simply because of the size of the Djerdap gorge and the large number of attractions that are located here, it is not possible to visit everything in one day. If you want to visit other attractions of Djerdap on a day trip from Belgrade, we advise you to stop at the Golubac Fortress just to take pictures or visit it without much time spent there. And you can leave Lepenski Vir and Captain Mišin Breg for sightseeing on your way back if you have enough time.

    The best way to enjoy the beauties of the Djerdap gorge is a boat ride where you will have the opportunity to see some sights from the famous Tabula Triaina on the Serbian side to the figure of Decibel carved into the rock, the Mracionia Monastery and the cave on the Romanian side of the Danube.

    And the natural environment of Small and Big Kazan on the Danube is a fantastic experience. Boat tours departing from the coast near Tekija usually last 2 hours.

    Not far from the place where the boats start the tour, there is the beginning of the ascent to one of the most beautiful lookouts in Serbia – Ploče. A little less than an hour’s walk through the beautiful forest awaits you with a slight ascent. You will probably enjoy the walk through nature, and the view from the height of the Djerdap gorge will be a well-deserved reward for hiking.

    A cruise and a visit to the viewpoint would fill your day. If you wish to visit Golubac, Lepenski Vir, or Captain Mišin Breg, your visits have to be short if you think to return to Belgrade in a reasonable time.

    That is why we advise you to set aside at least two days to visit Djerdap. Except in Golubac, great locations for overnight stays are Donji Milanovac, and the much larger charming town of Kladovo. The beach in Donji Milanovac and especially the beach in Tekija will remind you on the sea. There is also a city beach in Kladovo, but since it is located after the Djerdap hydroelectric power plant, the Danube is narrower and faster here.

    Some of the other sights of Djerdap that you can visit are the Djerdap Hydroelectric Power Plant, Blederija Waterfall, Rajkova Cave, Trajan’s Bridge, and Fetislam Fortress. And of course, you will also enjoy local food specialties specific to eastern Serbia.


    What to do and see in Djerdap National Park

    • Golubac Fortress is located at the entrance to the Djerdap Gorge and nearby are Lepenski Vir and Captain Mišin Breg
    • Djerdap Cruise and the opportunity to see Tabula Triana, the statue of Decibel, the Great and Small Kazan
    • Beach Donji Milanovac
    • Tekija Beach
    • Ploče Viewpoint
    • Rajko’s Cave


    Distance of Djerdap from Belgrade:

    From the center of Belgrade to the beginning of Djerdap near Golubac 136 km (about 1h 55min drive), but the Djerdap coast is over 100 kilometers long


    What else can you add to a multi-day trip to Djerdap?

    It is impossible to see all the above-mentioned attractions in one day, but only in a multi-day tour. For a day trip, choose only what is most interesting to you and closer to Belgrade.

    Pearls of Kucaj and Homolje mountains (Eastern Serbia)

    The surroundings of the Kucaj Mountains and Homolje Mountains are in the area of eastern Serbia, where are several attractions that you can visit on a day trip. if you decide to visit one or two locations, you can do so in 6 to 8 hours. But we recommend that you set aside an entire day for this trip. that way, in your tour of this part of eastern Serbia, you will not miss seeing any of the interesting places we will mention.

    The most visited tourist attraction in this area is the Resavska Cave, one of the largest (4.5 kilometers) and most beautiful caves in Serbia. For visitors, there is a trail length of about 800m, and the tour lasts about 40 minutes. The cave is adorned with exceptional cave jewelry, and the tour of tourists is led by trained speleologists.

    According to us, the most beautiful, but not the most visited attraction is the medieval monastery Manasija. Serbia has a rich historical heritage. That is why tourists often visit Manasija monastery. This monastery is specific for the fortification that was built around it and because it is extremely attractive to visitors. On this tour, you can also visit the Ravanica Monastery, around which are also the remains of a former fortification, but not as preserved and instagrammatic as the fortress and the Manasija Monastery.

    Lisine Waterfall or Veliki Buk is also an unavoidable destination on this trip. The waterfall itself is not particularly high (25m) and attractive, but it is located in an exceptional environment and in a place ideal for lunch. You can also walk to Mali Buk, but the greatest atmosphere is lunch in one of the many restaurants located next to the mountain river, where you will enjoy the sounds of the murmur of water. At this point, we recommend veal under the sac or fresh trout that restaurants take from their fishponds in their backyard.

    It is not a bad idea to visit Krupajsko Vrelo. You will not need any filters for the pictures you take next to this turquoise blue pond. On the same road to Belgrade is the Gornjak Monastery, which was built in Stena. The eponymous restaurant across the street is also worth a visit if you want to try enjoying local specialties while surrounded by beautiful nature. If you decide to stay more than one day in this area, the activities we recommend are a walk in the mountains or an off-road adventure on Homolje.

    if you are with children, the Natural History Museum in Svilanjec can be interesting. You can also add Banja Ždrelo to the tour, where you can enjoy swimming in water from thermal springs.


    What to do and see in the area Homolje and Kucaj

    • Visit the beautiful monasteries. First of all, the imposing fortress – Manasija Monastery, but also Ravanica and Gornjak
    • Resavska Cave
    • Krupajsko Vrelo
    • Waterfall
    • Off-road adventure
    • Lisine waterfall – Veliki Buk
    • Banja Zdrelo spa thermal springs


    Distance from Belgrade to Homolje:

    Most of the places in this part of east Serbia is about 150 kilometers away from Belgrade and 2 hours of driving.

    Popular day trips in Serbia which you should avoid

    On many blogs, you can find places that you find interesting and that many bloggers recommend you to visit. However, we believe that some of these places are not worth a day trip from Belgrade, and we will write why.



    Mountain and Kopaonik National Park is the most popular ski resort in Serbia, and the top of this mountain is the second highest peak in Serbia. And maybe that’s why you want to visit this mountain resort. However, if you do not have a great desire to ski and you do not have more than one day, we do not recommend you to go there.

    Kopaonik is a great ski resort, but if you are going to ski for only one day, it is not worth traveling for over 3 and a half hours and over 250 kilometers of driving in one direction. If you want to ski, go for a minimum of 2-3 days. If you are one of the tourists from warmer regions who just want to see the snow and possibly take a couple of ski lessons, check if there is snow at Divčibare Ski Resort. Divčibare cannot be compared to Kopaonik in terms of the number of trails, but it is much closer to Belgrade. Even Zlatibor is a better option for one day because in winter, apart from skiing, there is a greater choice of activities and you will get to Zlatibor a little faster than to Kopaonik, where it is so snowy in winter that apart from skiing you can do little.


    Devil’s Town

    Great attraction, but ask yourself if you want to drive over 4 hours to see it. There are no particularly interesting places that you could add to this tour, so that is another reason why we do not recommend it even if this place is visited by many tourists.



    If you prefer to visit cities than nature, you have already visited Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Subotica, and you will probably be interested in Nis, which is often recommended.

    Nis really boasts a beautifully landscaped pedestrian zone, the popular Kazandžijski skokačet and an interesting Fortress. We do not want to offend the people of Nis, but still Novi Sad is a much more beautiful and unique city. Of course, if it was closer to Belgrade, it would be worth visiting it. However, it is 250 kilometers away and over two hours drive from Belgrade. And unlike Novi Sad, we don’t know what other places you could visit to complete your trip to Nis.


    Kragujevac and other larger cities

    Similar to Nis, if you have visited Belgrade, Novi Sad and Subotica, you are probably interested in visiting more cities in Serbia. Most cities have their own charm and you will find interesting places to visit. But don’t expect to like it nearly as much as the aforementioned cities we recommend you see. We advise you to stop only in cities that are on your way if you are traveling to another destination.

    Private tours and day trips in Belgrade,Serbia


    There are several options for your day trip from Belgrade. It is up to you to choose the option that suits you best according to your needs and your budget.

    Organised Tours by bus (shared day trips):

    Organized tours by minibus or a coach are the most affordable way to travel. Apart from the trip’s price, they also have the advantage of being led by tour guides from whom you will hear many interesting facts about the places you visit.

    The downside is that traveling by bus and minibus is much slower and more uncomfortable than traveling by car. Roads suitable for buses are limited, and a large parking lot is required. Because of those facts, these large vehicles cannot approach all exciting places and attractions.

    Almost any tour will be deprived of many places, and you will spend much more time on a drive than sightseeing compared to a car tour. And also, there is no flexibility on these tours. The tours have a fixed schedule, and some of the places you will visit may not be that interesting, but it is a matter of cooperation between the owner of the travel agency and the facility you are visiting.


    Custom-tailored tour with a rented car:

    Unlike an organized tour, a trip with a rented car gives you complete flexibility. You can go wherever you want and stay longer in places you like and leave immediately from places that are not interesting to you. If your group consists of 3-4 passengers, the cost of renting a car and fuel will not exceed the price of an organized excursion with a tourist guide.

    In general, you may not need a tourist guide as much, since everything you are interested in about a places you are visiting can be easily found on the Internet. But in situations where you ask someone who doesn’t know English, you might miss having a help of a local traveling with you. Especially since in many places you can come across people who see an opportunity to charge tourists more, so it is better when you have someone from Serbia traveling with you.

    The biggest disadvantage of renting a car in Serbia is that due to bad roads, you can’t just rely on navigation. You can easily get lost on unpawn roads. And driving itself can be tiring, especially since the traffic culture of drivers in Serbia is not at the European level.


    Hire a car with a driver for your private tours in Serbia (day trips from Belgrade with a taxi):

    This is the most convenient way to get around Serbia, but maybe the most expensive option. If your group includes more passengers, the difference in price compared to other ways of traveling is then not so big and you should consider it.

    Along with the price, the the disadvantage of private tour by chauffeured car is also that you do not have a tour guide who will tell you various historical facts and details and you will have one less seat in the car than if you were traveling with a rental car because now the driver is with you.

    But these trips are flexible, and the local driver knows the places you visit and the best routes to get there. It can also be helpful when buying tickets, domestic products, and the like.

    Contact Belgrade Airport Taxi and schedule your custom-tailored round trip in a comfortable and modern vehicle. Our drivers speak English and will help you throughout the trip. You can travel wherever you want or or follow their recommendations. You will not be tiered for sightseeing because you will not be driving. And you and your family will be safe because you will be driven by a professional driver.




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