Many Belgrade Airport Taxi service users come to the Serbian capital for the first time and often ask us various questions related to transportation and general information that can be useful when planning a stay in Belgrade.

Therefore, we made the Belgrade Ultimate Guide with the desire to be good hosts. In this post, you can find the most relevant information, recommendations, and tips in brief. We share these insights as a friend would, ensuring you receive genuine advice without any affiliate marketing.

Point of interest in Belgrade

  • Knez Mihajlova – the main pedestrian street in the center of Belgrade
  • Trg Republike (Republic Square) – the main city square
  • Kalemegdan Fortress
    Skadarlija – bohemian quarter
  • Temple of Saint Sava
  • Zemun and Gardos
  • Ada Ciganlija – Very well-kept lake that offers many opportunities for various activities
  • Serbian Parliament
  • Belgrade Waterfront and Sava promenade
  • Belgrade Zoo


  • Nikola Tesla Museum
  • National Museum
  • Museum of Yugoslavia and Josip Broz Tito
  • Military Museum at the Kalemegdan
  • Aeronautical Museum at the airport
  • Museum History Museum of Serbia
  • Ethnographic Museum

Best restaurants

Shown selection of the best restaurants is sorted by location. We have chosen the best restaurants in popular tourist locations.


Restaurants in the city center

  • Znak Pitanja (Question mark)
  • Proleće (Spring)
  • Caruso
  • Restaurant Mikan


Restaurants in Skadarlija

  • Dva Jelena (Two Deers)
  • Tri Šešira (Three Hats)


Restaurants on the Belgrade port

  • Other restaurants near the city
  • Restaurant Franš
  • Restaurant Madera
  • Restaurant Kalemegdan Terrace


Restaurants in Zemun

  • Restaurant Šaran
  • Kod Kapetana
  • Balkan Express


Fantastic restaurants in locations a little further from the city

  • Restaurant Rubin – Košutnjak
  • Restaurant Ski Staza – Košutnjak
  • Sava Ranch
  • Restaurant Vinogradi – Grocka
  • Zornića House – Baćevac
  • Čarapićev Brest – Avala


You can also hire our company for transport to these restaurants, considering that we also can arrange private transfers on long distances, not only the airport transfers. In that case, our driver can wait for you and return to your accommodation in the center of Belgrade.

Local food that you must taste

Serbian cuisine is fantastic. Don’t miss the opportunity to try some of the delicious food specialties.

Main meal

  • Lamb roast
  • Teletina(veal) ispod sača
  • Pljeskavica or ćevapi
  • Sarma
  • Goulash
  • Karadjordje’s steak
  • Stuffed pork fillet rolled in bacon



  • Burek with meat and yogurt
  • Komplet lepinja and sour milk
  • Mantije and yogurt


Delicious appetizers and dressings

  • Čvarci
  • Kajmak
  • Ajvar
  • Ljutenica
  • Pindjur
  • Pršuta



  • Rakija


Belgrade is known for its good nightlife. But note that most rafts only work in the summer, while most classic discos are closed. Also, certain days in certain clubs are reserved for local music that you will honestly hardly like.

On the link below you can check the repertoire and reserve a place in most nightclubs:


Splavs (floating river clubs)

  • Freestyler
  • Port by Community
  • Lasta
  • Leto
  • Sindikat



  • Mr. Stefan Braun
  • Freestyler Winter stage
  • Casino by Community
  • Hype

Shopping malls

  • Gallery – the largest shopping mall in the Balkans, Belgrade Waterfront
  • Ada Mall, near Ada lake
  • Rajićeva shopping center, city center
  • Ušće, New Belgrade
  • Delta City, New Belgrade

Recommended day-trips from Belgrade

If you are staying in Belgrade, use the opportunity to visit other places and tourist sites in Belgrade. Serbia is not a big country, and you can organize your sightseeing day trip from Belgrade to any place of interest in Serbia.

You can hire our company for a private transfer to all the places you want to see, including returning to Belgrade.


The best day trips from Belgrade, Serbia

Rent a car

Instead of global rent a car brands, the list includes only local companies through which you can rent better vehicles and at better prices.

Taxi services

The list includes the best taxi companies in Belgrade. You can order a taxi by phone or via the mobile app. Avoid stopping taxis on the street, especially if there is no taxi sign of one of the mentioned taxi companies. The TX mark at the end of the license plate proves that it is a regular taxi, but there is no guarantee that you will not be deceived.

As for airport transfers, it is best to schedule them in advance at a fixed price and thus avoid all possible inconveniences.

Public transportation

Belgrade has no metro. Buses, trolleybuses, and trams are at your disposal.
You can install the app with a line map and timetables. You can buy a bus pass in any street store.


In Serbia, the official currency is the Serbian dinar (RSD). 1 US dollar is worth about 100 dinars, and 1 euro is worth about 118 dinars. Officially, payment in foreign currency is not allowed, but in most restaurants, cafes, taxis, .etc, employees will accept the euro. But it is best to replace your currency with dinars in one of the exchange offices that you can find on almost every corner.

Banks usually have a slightly less favorable exchange rate, as do exchange offices at the airport and other important locations. Of course, to avoid getting entangled with the local currency, it may be best to pay with a Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro card whenever possible. You can even pay for your airport transfer by card.

SIM cards

There is no need for roaming in Serbia using SIM cards from the country you come from. You can easily buy a Serbian SIM card at any street store or gas station without any procedure. And they are quite cheap with the already included free credit for calls, text messages and the Internet.

Choose a physical or virtual SIM card from any of the three leading operators, and you will be able to make cheap calls and use the Internet without constantly asking for free WIFI:

  • MTS – Telekom Srbija (we recommend super tourist sim through which roaming is much more affordable)
  • Telenor
  • A1

Safety recommendations

Belgrade is a pretty safe city even when it comes to dark side streets at night. But be careful at night if you are near the central Belgrade bus station, which migrants surround from Asia and Africa. Also, foreign tourists are often the target of pickpockets in public transport.

However, the biggest danger is large groups of football fans who gather before important matches, mainly near the stadiums. Of course, they are easy to spot, so you can easily avoid them.


Emergency phone numbers

  • Police 192
  • Ambulance 194
  • Firefighters 193


If you use a car rental in Belgrade, it is important to be informed about how parking works in the wider center of Belgrade. At marked public parking lots (green, yellow, red, and purple zone), parking is paid via SMS or via a mobile app, so it is best to have a Serbian SIM card. Parking in public garages is paid for at a vending machine in the garage itself or from an employee who works there.

  • Green Zone – parking for a maximum of 3 hours, price 41 RSD per started hour
  • Yellow Zone – parking for a maximum of 2 hours, price 48 RSD per started hour
  • Red Zone – parking for a maximum of 1 hour, price 56 RSD
  • Purple Zone – parking for a maximum of half an hour, price 100 RSD
  • Public Garages Parking Service – 100 RSD per started hour, no time limit


We hope you enjoy Belgrade and feel the charm of this lovely city. To ensure that your stay in Belgrade goes well from the start, do not forget to book a taxi from Belgrade airport.


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